Rowan Community, Dursley

The Rowan Community was formed in 2008 with the aim of creating an intentional community of mutual support, in which people of all ages and of differing abilities could share life together:

“We are a group of people who want to live together, contributing what we can to the community and supporting one another as necessary.  Nobody should feel they have nothing to offer to the others in the community.  All of us should be willing to contribute what we can to support each other, not only in daily life but also with deeper issues which face every one of us from time to time. 

We want to be true to our ideals, which means that we are not separated into those who need support and those who give it.  We therefore receive no public funding as an organisation. Each member contributes rent and shared expenses into a common bank account.  Those people who are not earning any income do this from their state benefits.”

Since 2013 Stroud Harbour Community Mutual Home Ownership Society has bought four houses in Dursley for members of the Rowan Community to live in.