Our Vision

Our ideal is to develop vibrant, inclusive, intentional communities, with outreach into the surrounding wider community, providing a warm and protective sheath through recognition of the unique individual and an active commitment to maintain relationships of respect and mutual support according to each individual's needs.

The community members will highly value what each individual is able to contribute to the life of the community and will pledge themselves in common to help create opportunities for personal growth, work where this is desired, friendship and social interaction, education, and cultural and spiritual inspiration.  Everyone will be able to find the support they need to participate fully in the life of the community and its surrounding area.


Such a community will be created with the aim of creating a counterbalance to growing insecurity in the welfare system, including increasing ageism. People can often be left without a sense of purpose, and the community will help them discover a new purpose in life.

The community will provide security of tenure and safeguards against changes in circumstances with a basic rental model supplemented by the option to purchase equity shares in the Society.

An important ideal of the community will be respect for nature in all its forms and responsibility for the environment.

The community need not be limited to a single site. It could have a hub with a common building as a focus – perhaps a “spiritual centre”, and a wider circle of people living in their own homes throughout the town, the whole forming a community bond.

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